BEKU BABA WAS DEAF AT the Tender Age of 2

But this has not stopped Beku from having completed the Pneuma Graduate Development Program (GDP), and now entering into the 'Super-Artisan' Program … So Beku is going to help us transform our industry, so that we become world leaders in the export of Jewelry to all corners of the world, and in so doing, we will be giving another 1000 Beku Babas and their families the message that

Disability is only a word

Juan-Claude van der Nest
Juan-Claude came to Pneuma from the National Institute for the Deaf in Worcester from the Western Cape.
He completed the GDP at Pneuma.
Juan was found to be innovative and logical and a good all-rounder.
Aside from his hand-eye coordination skills as a Jeweler, Juan also demonstrated great mechanically-minded skills in maintaining machinery and tooling.
He currently works at Viljoen Jewelers in Worcester, Western Cape.
Fezile Mens: CEO
Fezile completed the GDP at Pneuma and then went on to complete the Super Artisan qualification.
Thereafter, he gained experience at Friedman Jewelers.
He is currently the CEO of Gifted Art Music.
Mbongiseni Malinga: SMME Entrepreneur
Mbongi completed the GDP at Pneuma.
Thereafter, he gained experience in a number of manufacturing jewelers after which, he set up his own company, Mbongi Hand Crafted Works.
Maxine Carstens: Workshop Manager
Maxime completed the GDP at Pneuma.
After that, she joined Erikson Jewelers, and was quickly promoted to Workshop & Sales Manager.
She is also a CAD Designer.
Heidi Sheppard: Sales & Production Manager
Heidi was the first candidate to successfully complete the RPL (Recognition of Prior Learning) in South Africa, and continued at Pneuma to become the Sales and Production Manager.

Heidi is also a qualified Assessor and has recently become the Trade Test Officer for the new Pneuma Jewelers Trade Test Centre. 
Lawrence Maswanganyi: SMME Entrepreneur
Lawrence came to Pneuma from Virginia Jewelry School (VJS) for further training in Jewelry manufacturing.
After that, he returned to VJS.
He is currently a self-employed SMME, entrepreneur and CAD jewelry designer.
Wiseman Buhlalu: Trainer, Super-Artisan Trainee
Wiseman completed the GDP at Pneuma.
He then joined the Atteridgeville Jewelry project as a Trainer.
He then returned and is currently completing his Super Artisan qualification at Pneuma.
Phumlani Ndhlovu: SMME Entrepreneur
Phumlani completed the GDP at Pneuma.
He then completed the Trade Test.

He is currently an SMME Entrepreneur and business owner – he owns a distribution company as well as a Jewelry Manufacturing business.

Faldilah Volkwyn: SMME Entrepreneur

Faldilah completed a Goldsmith Apprenticeship in Cape Town in 1999, and is an Industry Specialist and the Director of a 100% black-owned SMME Enterprise. She has been assisted with space within ...