About Us

Who We Are?

The Pneuma Academy of Excellence

Pneuma Jewellers training provider &

Pneuma Academy of Excellence (PAE)

Leaders in Jewellery Manufacturing Training

Our Vision

To expand SMME footprint nationally, in order to be a conduit for SMME product using an existing successful brand, through Joint Ventures between SMMEs & Pneuma, for sustainable SMME businesses to thrive through introduction to route-to-market & funding opportunities.

Our Mission

Up-ramp the Skills Development Model through infrastructure upgrade to include Hi-Tech equipment to enable competitive manufacture of jewellery by, and skills development of HDSAS. Expand our footprint in order to be a conduit for SMME product using an existing successful brand, through Joint Ventures between SMES and Pneuma Jewellers, an accredited training provider and successful retailer, for sustainable SMME businesses to thrive.

Pneuma Academy of Ecxellence

The 9-Step Strategy Going Forward

Skills Empowerment

Understanding 3-dimensional design, and developing the ability to visualize 3-dimensional

Hi-Tech Hub

Develop the PAE to its full capacity through the hi-tech HUB.

SMME Entrepreneur

Business management, marketing and sales, teaching, training and live experiential sales and client development (earn while you learn)

Improve Employment

Develop the NDP-2030 & SDG-2030 training model, pro-actively assist towards the production & manufacturing of jewellery locally, with improved employment for our unemployed & underemployed youth and stimulating LED.

Mass Production

Utilise more technologically advanced CAD-CAM processes that will enable capitalisation of the mass-production processes, whilst delivering top-notch training to our ‘Super-Artisans’ and SCESMMEs, working toward self-sustainability.


Develop our PAE graduate SCE-SMMEs and providing route-to-market, by expanding local & export markets for self-sustainability.


Provide the platform for uptake of raw materials – locally-mined precious metals and other minerals – for Localisation & Radical Transformation of the sector.

International Standard

Develop the industrial design & manufacturing stream of the Hi-Tec HUB, in order to produce topquality jewellery to a very high national & international standard, thereby creating a centre of industrial manufacturing – this will increase demand both locally and internationally.


Strengthen existing networks and create new networks: For example, as executive committee members and training advisors to both the Jewellery Manufacturers Association of SA (JMASA) & the Jewellery Council of SA (JCSA), and linking with International client base development

Pneuma Academy of Ecxellence

The PAE is a Not for Profit Company (NPC) established for the following 4 objectives

1. Fully Equiped Training Environment

To expand an environment wherein HDSA trainees may develop to their full potential by providing them with highly skilled trainers, not only in their chosen fields but also catering for entrepreneurial, management, leadership and social mentoring of the trainees, in order for them to succeed once qualified. These skills together with the relevant tooling, machinery and infrastructure will position qualified trainees well with artisanal experience in the industry for final stage transformation to take effect on a sustainable basis.

2. Entrepreneur Development

To expand upon and formalise a successful SMME-Entrepreneur B&T Incubation programme, in order to up-ramp and strengthen the programme. This will enable the PAE to produce sustainable SMME-Entrepreneurs, who will be mentored within the strengthened Incubator, allowing them access to the PAE’s internal structures and services, whilst developing their own markets through the PAE’s jewellery networks.

3. PAE Services to Companies/Employees

To assist companies required to deliver skills and manufacturing training in line with the networks; requirements of the mining charter with tooling, equipment and specialised training programmes, in order to recapture the jewellery manufacturing industry from foreign competitors. This is fundamental for the transfer of skills and the relationship-building linkages required between the companies and HDSAs’ development, in order for sustainable transformation to take place.

4. Industry Networking

To formalise and strengthen existing relationships and networks within the sector, for example current funder-partners and other stakeholder-partners, and to expand the initiative to include new networks, in order to capacitate the sector for sustainable long-term growth of the industry, with consequent LED country-wide. The final objective and desired outcome of this driven initiative to re-capture both our import and export markets, which is necessary in order to absorb proportionate HDSA input.