Thabiseng Setlaba

Lecturer at Central University of Technology Free State

My name is Thabiseng Setlaba, it is with great enthusiasm that I write this testimonial. I started at Pneuma jewellers 2010 knowing only the basics in jewellery and the company groomed me to the Level I’m in today, as a student I worked with brass, copper and silver, and when I started the programme I was dealing with precious metal such as Gold, Platinum and Palladium. The programme helped me a lot, what a great experience I had, it was really a life-changing journey to me and my family.

As I’m writing this letter I’m proud to say that I left the company as a qualified Goldsmith. I’m currently a lecturer at Central University of Technology Free State teaching jewellery Design and Manufacturing to 1st, 2nd and 3rd Years and some of my graduated students are also doing the same programme at Pneuma jewellers and I’m very proud of myself that I’m helping others to achieve what I achieved at Pneuma jewellers :).

After leaving at Pneuma jewellers in 2012 I have achieved a lot and still working hard, was a finalist of the Thuthuka competition, I also designed and manufactured a crown for the Miss Glamorous Free state which is part of Macufe, my name is been mentioned in newspapers and my work has been exhibited, all thanks to the skill I acquired at Pneuma jewellers and not forgetting it also helped me with my self-esteem after finishing the programme I was employed at Pneuma jewellers as a Goldsmith and I was exposed to working with students and customers how to deal with the orders, now I can deal with my own customers and students. Thank you very much to PNEUMA JEWELLERS and MINING QUALIFICATION AUTHORITY.