Tumelo Mosala

Tumelo Mosala – Goldsmith Artisan 

I am a jewellery designer and manufacturer

I am a jewellery designer and manufacturer. In the year 2009, I was one of the students enrolled with pneuma jewellers as an intern under a training programme facilitated by MQA and Pneuma jewellers towards a Goldsmith Artisan qualification. The programme took two years and we were to go for a trade test, where one’s abilities are tested on the bench for specific qualities. I passed my trade test and got recognised as a goldsmith by the Mining Qualifications Authorities. After my completion,

I then worked for a couple of companies on various levels within the trade and later decided to start my own brand which is 3 years old as it stands. The training at Pneuma jewellers helped me to locate my strengths within the jewellery space and boosted my confidence as a goldsmith(jeweller). I can now produce high-end jewellery pieces without a hustle and my own clients are very much happy with my services. All these would have been a hustle if I had skills lower than what the market requires. The quality of skills development Pnuema jewellers offer are the highest quality in the country, because their master jewellers and facilitators are well equipped and capacitated, that I can testify. Please respond positively to this entity’s request as they are the builders of the future.