Agose Mokoena

“Never Stop Learning”

Agose studied at Central University of Technology and completed is Jewellery Design and Manufacture in 2010. He joined Pneuma Jewellers as a Goldsmith in the Graduate Development programme and completed in 2013, he then entered into the Artisan Diamond and Gemstone setting programme in 2014 and completed in 2017. He became a Qualified Goldsmith February 2017 and Qualified Diamond and Gemstone setter in August 2018 when he received his National Trade Certificate. He also became a certified Assessor and Moderator in April 2019. He is part of Pneuma Jewellers as a Senior Goldsmith, Diamond and Gemstone setter and a Lead trainer for our learners.

I was raised by my parents who were struggling to provide for us, because of poor salaries. I was born in the Free State into a poor family, but I remember my parents telling me that if I believe in myself, I will make it in life. I went to a career expo when I was in school, and I discovered that art was an interesting career for me. After I finished school, I went to the Central University of Technology in Free State, to study jewellery manufacturing. I completed a 3-year Diploma and considered myself a “winner”, however, I soon realised that I had yet a lot to learn, because the university courses were purely academic. I was introduced to Pneuma Jewellers (PJ) by one of my friends and joined the company. This is where my real learning started, and I grabbed this opportunity. My journey was amazing – I soon realised that PJ was the best place to be in, with an amazing programme – PJ is a leader in training young people, and is a great company because most of the students are black young people from poor backgrounds. PJ gives them a chance in life, and I really hope they will continue to do the great work they do. On my first day at PJ, I saw this most beautiful piece of handmade jewellery. Up until that point, I was under the impression that only machines could make a piece like that. However, when I was introduced to the workshop, I realised that there were no such machines. I was told that here at PJ, they would turn my hands into machines, and every beautiful piece I would create would be through my skills alone. This is where my journey really started. I knew then that I was capable of producing the most beautiful jewellery So forward I went. After completing my Graduate Development Programme (GDP) training, I was hired as a teacher, and I am presently doing diamond setting. Once I complete this, I will be a Super-Artisan, which means I will have a minimum of 2 qualifications. I continue to learn every day at PJ.